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Our Student's Testimonials

"Awaken~The Divine You" ® Programme - Foundation to Personal Mastery - Aug '19  - Kanty Widjaja
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"Awaken~The Divine You"® Program 7 days Vienna Sep. '22 Katharina
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Awaken~The Divine You ® Programme Foundation to Personal Mastery Jan '19   Nicole Ooi Wei Ee
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Awaken~The Divine You ® Programme Foundation to Personal Mastery Mar '19   Karen Lim
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What other students have said about their experiences

Aw Soh Lin, Singapore - Basic Meditation Course

A new experience, some sort of awakening. Now, I know I love myself and I am important to myself. Before this course, I could not sit still, not even for 10 minutes. I did not know what relaxation truly was. I am glad I came and will have deeper peace of mind now that I kind of know something about relaxation. Umesh is very approachable and very sincere in what he says; a very interesting person.

Raines Mak, Singapore - Basic Meditation Course

This course has led me to fill my heart and whole being with love energy. So much so, that the feeling of overflow is simply PURE ENJOYMENT and estatic. This experience is simply magical and powerful. I look forward to the next stage of experience.

Shadacq Chai Woan Sheu, Kuala Lumpur -
"Awaken ~ The Divine You" ® - Foundation Level

I used to live a routine life in fear, anger, uncertainty, dull, bored, no energy, blur, unaware, procrastinating, waiting for miracles and help. After the Workshop, I saw my change - I felt lighter, more aware of what I was doing and thinking; more realisation. I have made the first breakthrough to the real me and cleared some negative things. I will recommend this Workshop to others because there are many beautiful people out there who are uncertain of themselves and the power they have. I feel strong, calm, good energy and balanced.

Belinda Noakes"Awaken ~ The Divine You" ® -
Foundation Level

Cleansing and Healing helped me release a lot of negative emotions and forgive some significant others. I also forgave myself for past mistakes and choices. I learned to sit for an hour without moving. Inner-self and Empowerment brought me some real clarity about a few important priorities and lessons. I gained a sense of calm and peace. I know that I am not my body or my mind.

Stacey Lee, Kuala Lumpur - 
"Awaken ~ The Divine You" ® - Personal Mastery Level

This is the first time I attended a spirituality course. I had many doubts and questions about the existence of God, angels and the universe. All the doubts have been answered during the course. The most significant experience that I have gained from this course is the real feeling of energy and love. I am now very clear on myself, on my life purpose. I have experienced what most people have not experienced; it was remarkable, amazing and unexplainable. I am now very sensitive with my senses, I am able to feel peace and safe when I am meditating. I have never spent time with myself prior to this, now that I know, I will love myself more, listen to myself more. Umesh, our trainer, is charming and is like a teacher who only exist in Harrry Potter's school. Sheila, the kind facilitator who ensured that everything went smooth. Thank you Umesh, Thank you Sheila and everyone in The Golden Space.

Disclaimer & Self Responsibility

Alternative therapy provides a form of healing that is holistic and does not replace any treatment or medication(s) you may be receiving. Alternative therapy takes into account the emotional, mental and spiritual needs, including those of the physical body. Thus, it may or may not provide the results you expect. This is one form of increasing and helping your well-being. Please continue with the treatment(s) and medication(s) you are undergoing. The Golden Space ® & or ShivShakti Healing & Consultancy will not be responsible or held liable for the choices you make.

•Courses can be postponed due to unforeseen circumstances or not meeting the minimum number of participants per course. Participant will be notified at earliest possible chance (if any).
•Results from courses can vary case by case, depending on the students performance during courses: commitment, readiness and timing at every level of the courses.

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